Things You Need to Know About Hyperlocal Delivery Services in Bengaluru

This COVID-19 situation has made all of us switch to digital channels for not just work but even for essentials. The Ecommerce business has gone up a great deal as it provides a shopping experience that is not just convenient but also safer. The whole idea of an Ecommerce business is to make things accessible to people irrespective of where they are. This also includes people in close quarters, since they’re sailing in the same boat as others; looking for convenience and safety! Delivering products within a shorter range or to area specific locals is what they call hyperlocal delivery services. So, if you’re running a business in the garden city of Karnataka, these hyperlocal services in Bengaluru is everything you need.

Hyperlocal services in Bengaluru are all about helping businesses function smoothly by encouraging fast and safe delivery within the city. This main aim behind rendering services through local channels is to make buying essentials, an easier task rather than cumbersome. Having hyperlocal delivery service providers in your area, can help you find products from local stores and have them delivered to your doorstep. Isn’t that great? So, let us look at a few service providers and why we must support them.

5 reasons to love hyperlocal delivery services

hyperlocal delivery services in Bengaluru
  1. Products reach you faster
  2. Delivery time is shorter
  3. Convenience
  4. Time saving
  5. Real-time visibility

There are many hyperlocal delivery services in Bengaluru which have made life easier for the locals. They look for stores around you or recommended by you, to buy the products you need. The best part is that they’re all apps that are user-friendly and fast. So, let us look at some of the hyperlocal delivery services that are available in this city.

3 hyperlocal delivery services in Bengaluru you should use now

hyperlocal delivery services in Bengaluru

Flipkart Quick

This is the most recent launch when it comes to hyperlocal delivery service in Bengaluru. It offers a 90 minute delivery promise to customers. What started out as a service spread across categories like electronics, home accessories, grocery has now expanded to delivering fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat and more. So, if there’s something you’re craving in your vicinity, you know whose services you need to look into.


This is the most convenient hyperlocal delivery service in the city. It helps you pick and drop off cakes and flowers, making it special for your loved ones. They also assist you with deliveries of grocery, providing one with the COD option. They offer same day delivery and also ensure a hassle-free experience in general.


This is yet another popular hyperlocal delivery service in Bengaluru that promises same day delivery. The task is assigned to the delivery agent within 15 minutes of your request, which reduces your wait time by a lot. You can send multiple deliveries via Wefast and they also promise a 90 minute delivery within the city.


So, if you’re in the city and you want to get things sent or delivered, you have 3 very good services that’ll get the job done. Having said that, if you want to send things to another state or city, there are logistics aggregators like Dash101 that you can check out. With services spread across 27,000+ pin codes and with shipping costs as low as INR 29/500gms, there’s all the more reasons to love it. So, do check them out.