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13 Courier Services That Accelerate Your Order Fulfillment Efforts

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Fulfilling your eCommerce orders can seem like a tough nut to crack. There are many details that you need to pay attention to. At the same time, you have to prioritize the customer. Order fulfillment can be the key to a superior customer experience. But, this is only when you put your best efforts into it. Right from notifying the customer about order updates to choosing the right courier services for order fulfillment, you have to do it all. But, don’t worry, if you can’t figure out where to get started. We’re here to help you.

Choosing the right courier services for order fulfillment can be challenging. And this is because your courier service has a huge responsibility when it comes to order fulfillment. They are responsible for the first and last mile deliveries. And they are ones to finally deliver your precious product to the customer’s doorstep. Even the smallest disruption in the process can lead to bad customer experience. 

However, if you know what to look for in courier services for order fulfillment, this task will become easier. 

What to Look for in Courier Services for Order Fulfillment?

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There are multiple stages in the order fulfillment process. These included the following-

  • Notifying the customer
  • Inventory storage and warehousing
  • Receiving the inventory
  • Picking
  • Packaging
  • Shipping
  • Return Order Processing

A courier partner must be able to assist your business through most of the key steps of order fulfillment. Therefore, you should look for the following factors-

Timely Notifications

Courier services for order fulfillment must provide customers with timely notifications. Once the order is received, it is the seller that sends an auto-notification to the customer. However, when the product is dispatched, it becomes the responsibility of the courier service for order fulfillment to do the job. 


Tracking information is fundamental in order fulfillment. Courier services for order fulfillment must be able to send customers with regular tracking information. This helps in closely monitoring the flow of the shipment. 

Low-Cost Shipping

Courier services for order fulfillment must offer low-cost shipping. Since logistics already costs a major chunk of your business costs, your courier partner must try to minimize it. For example, Dash101 lets you ship at the lowest rate of Rs 23/500gms to 26000+ pincodes. 

Shipping Insurance

Your courier services for order fulfillment must be able to offer adequate shipping insurance. This is to ensure the shipments for any damage in the transit. The damage occurs due to the fault of the courier.

Lowest Undelivered Orders and Return Rates

Even though return orders are inevitable in eCommerce, you have to find a way to deal with them. Your courier services for order fulfillment must be able to make more successful deliveries and reduce the risk of return orders for your business. 

13 Courier Services for Order Fulfillment 


Blue Dart is Asia’s biggest express delivery courier service provider. The thing that makes it the most comprehensive logistics network is warehousing over 85 locations across India. Bluedart is the company which provides their services over 220 plus countries abroad and over 35,000 areas in India. They have earned people’s trust. In India, Bluedart has had a household name for deliveries for a very long time. Among other featured services provided by the blue dart, the thing which makes them the right choice for B2B delivery is that blue dart offers the maximum weight limit of 100 kg. Bluedart has serviceable areas around 17677 pin codes and provides the maximum weight limit upto 100 kg.


FedEx is a courier service brand that is renowned worldwide. They provide hassle-free deliveries along with a good, reasonable track record, which makes their services diverse. Many businesses have trusted FedEx for their E-Commerce goods for decades now. As they offer heavyweight shipping, you can easily leverage it for your B2B business. FedEx has a serviceable area around 6000 pincodes and provides the maximum weight limit upto 500 kg with the FedEx economy. 


DHL is the courier service with three major divisions: DHL supply chain, DHL global forwarding, and DHL express. For SMEs, DHL has extensive offerings and has an excellent record with integrated logistic services. For courier needs, DHL can be a reliable partner, without any doubt. DHL has a serviceable area around 6000 pincodes and provides a maximum weight limit of up to 70 kg for DHL express.


Gati is the courier service provider that covers all the pin codes and critical locations in India. For e-commerce companies, Gati has special delivery services. The warehouses of Gati are spread over an area of 3.3 million square feet. Time and Cost are some of the elements that make Gati stand out in its exemplary services in terms of delivery. Gati has a serviceable area of 19000 pincodes and provides a maximum weight limit of up to 50 kg.


Delhivery is the courier service that has an immensely popular name globally for E-Commerce logistics. The service offerings of delivery are versatile. Other than the B2B order fulfillment service delivery, they also offer category-specific delivery, freight forwarding delivery, and express delivery. Delivery has a serviceable area around 14000 pin codes.

Ecom Express

Ecom Express is the e-commerce service provider that is well known for providing B2C and B2B delivery services. They offer many benefits for businesses and have an extensive network in India, which includes fulfillment and express services. E-Commerce is an excellent pick for shipping products from one warehouse to another. E-Commerce has a  serviceable area around 19000 + pin codes.


Xpressbees is a logistics company that is reliable and offers integrated e-commerce logistics solutions. The services of Xpressbees include vendor pickup and delivery, warehouse, same-day delivery, next-day delivery, and the end to end fulfillment.  Xpressbees courier company standard because of its multiple option facility and fast shipping orders. Xpressbees has a serviceable area around 9000 + pin codes.


DTDC has been providing its services since 1990. It provides care services over 10000 pin codes across India. DTDC is India originated company, which expanded it to a level that it can provide its services to 240 other countries. It is not a good option for small business people to hire the services of DTDC because, in terms of DTDC services and expenses, it is much higher than the expectations. In the Ecommerce industry, the charges which they offer reports to untimely deliveries and loss of shipment made DTDC an unreliable logistic partner in the commerce business. The quality service of DTDC is average, and rates are slightly costly.

First Flight

The foundation of first flight was laid in 1986. The first flight provides its services to over 220 countries, and across the globe, they have over ten offices. The first flight has 17000 + employees as an audience base. Their service covers several areas, around 4500 pincodes all over India, and their shipping rates are 35/500 grams. They have the facility to track the goods.

India Post

Indian Postal service currently provides its services as one of the most reliable eCommerce delivery services. This may shock many, but they have the highest coverage and maximum reliability for their years of service. The ground which Indian Postal services cover in terms of services, no other company can beat them. In terms of cost, they are as affordable as a logistic service. The pickup cost for the consignment, which is below the 35 kg weight, is nil. Where pickup facilities are beyond average, and their service is extremely satisfactory. They have an extremely accurate tracking shipment and affordable rates as rupees 30 to 90 per 50 grams depending upon the location.


WeFast is one of the most popular courier services in India. It is known for its hyperlocal delivery services. Hyperlocal delivery services are those services that operate within a restricted geographical area. This means that as a hyperlocal business owner you would be someone who delivers in your neighborhood. Popular items that are considered for a hyperlocal business are groceries, pharmaceuticals, food items, bakery goods, and others. Wefast helps deliver to these locations and operates in a lot of cities across India like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, etc. Using Wefast you can deliver to the locations of your neighborhood in the shortest time possible. 


Another popular courier service for order fulfillment is Dunzo. Dunzo offers its services in cities like Bangalore, Pune, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Chennai, Jaipur, and Mumbai. In all these cities, the eCommerce market is already dominant. This means that you can capitalize on it and start your online business, in case you haven’t until now. 

Using Dunzo you can ship vegetables, groceries and essentials, packages, meat, and frozen food, flowers, food from restaurants, pet supplies, health and wellness products, gifts, and more. Once you place an order, the rider is assigned within 15-20 minutes, and the package is delivered within 45 minutes. 


Shadowfax is another popular courier services for order fulfillment. It has a separate division for its eCommerce sellers. Shipping with Shadowfax is convenient and low cost. You can ship to a number of cities in India using the courier partner. One of the best qualities of Shadowfax is its fast and reliable services.

The Best Courier Service for Order Fulfillment

Choosing a courier service for order fulfillment can be a challenging task, which is why you can choose to ship with multiple partners. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to make multiple shipping profiles on each courier’s website. Instead, you can register on Dash101 and ship seamlessly using 7+ courier partners. Apart from this you also get to maximize your reach and ship to 26000+ pin codes ar fares starting Rs 23/500 gms.


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