Multiple Solutions – Are They Helpful For Order Fulfillment?

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Quite often we are under the assumption that the involvement of many people makes our work undemanding as the workload fractionalized. But that may not prove to be true when you decide to use multiple software solutions for your order fulfillment. If something managed by many open to the thing being missed or overlooked. There are different problems that we come across with the use of multiple solutions. Continue reading to understand if using multiple solutions for order fulfillment actually help or cause hindrances to your business.

eCommerce as an industry is on a constant transformation. With the lockdown regulations imposed this year, worldwide, eCommerce has skyrocketed. The industry has not just changed in the number of people buying and selling , but also in terms of how the industry actually works. With too many solutions for an eCommerce business, everything is about we deliver quick and in a seamless manner. Hence, we sometime go wrong. Here are some of reasons why multiple solutions do not create a satisfactory experience for the customers.

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Delayed Pickups

Using several tools for order fulfillment may not always work in your favor. It could create unnecessary delays in the fulfillment process. There is a chance of them not working in sync and increasing the chances of holding up the picking procedure. There can be instances where your plan might need renewal, or the software may not be accessible due to the need for maintenance. One breakdown in the system could slow down the entire procedure. Hence, using multiple solutions may not be the optimal solution.

Elevation of errors

The use of greater tools also comes along with a workforce required to manage the shipping operations. Maintaining coordination becomes a prime driver of your orders. Ensuring coordination between individuals can be quite a challenge. There is a good possibility that you might lose out on orders because of the manual errors in the execution. 

Additional investment

Every software would require you to purchase a subscription-based plan. Software for inventory management, shipping, or label generation, a subscription is a prerequisite range of software solutions. Since these software’sdo not have any integration, it means you would have to pay for them individually

Benefits of using all-round logistics for your business

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E-commerce brands must use an all-round integrated solution for the order fulfillment of their company. This is mainly because problems like delayed pickups, Supplementary expenditure can be completely avoided. Here are some benefits that could justify the use of on solution instead of using multiple solutions:

Simplified process

Switching to a single solution makes it possible for you to import orders, Print invoices, and labels at the same time. You can streamline your process and organize several tasks in a more scheduled way. As e-commerce, you want to maximize productivity in given hours. Making use of one solution makes this possible. Your business avoids any significant roadblocks and process incoming orders smoothly. This brings you closer to your goal, which is to ship orders with minimum hassles.

No additional costs

As an all-round solution is an integrated system, you have to just pay for a single solution. You do not have to make separate payments for label generation, shipping, or inventory management. No additional costs made to procure any of these services. With a single solution, you need not invest in any additional resources. All of these services are covered under a single roof. This helps you to cut down on expenditure and allocate your finances wisely.

A single- entry point

One solution requires only one point of contact between your business and order fulfillment solution. This decreases the inefficiency in communication. You can eliminate levels of tedious procedures that would involve in otherwise.  If you face any problems, you can directly connect with the one resource you have hired to manage this software and its operations. For a business that is just finding its path, a single solution can manage these operations better.

Low- reliance

With reduced chaos around running multiple operations, you reduce your dependency on multiple solutions. This saves you time that you can devote to provide a better service to your business. At the same time, you can increase your deliveries.   

Dash101 features – An All In One Solution

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Whether a small scale or established business, online or offline, any business requires smart logistics to gain credibility. However, hiring a team dedicated to handling your logistics needs can be expensive. Also, keeping track of all orders, big or small, is a complexity. Hence, shipping logistics management can lead to a back-breaking expense that smaller firms cannot afford. On the other hand, large ones must avoid. Whatever be the nature of the business, cutting costs whilst maintaining quality is business 101. And so, Dash101 has got you covered.

Additionally, the added burden of shipping costs may result in a price hike. Which can cause a negative impact on your brand. Hence, by slashing costs up to Rs. 23/500gms per shipping – Dash101 allows you to offer reasonable pricing whilst stabilizing profits.

More Reasons To Choose Dash101 as Your Perfect Fulfillment Solution

No Set-up or Subscription Fee

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No Minimum order commitment

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All in one solution to start your online business

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Best-in-Industry COD Remittance and Payment Cycle

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Powerful AI / ML engine that helps reduce RTOs and manage NDRs

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Dedicated Relationship Manager & one touch support to help grow your business

Furthermore, with Dash101, you can now reach customers across India – this will not only help boost sales but also strengthen brand recognition. We offer convenient bulk shipping facilities for fulfilling your big consignments at Dash101’s trademark cost-effective rates, making it an effective eCommerce solution in India. Hence, the logistics aggregator and a Shop101 product is an eCommerce shipping partner to grow your business.

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