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How to Leverage Instagram Hashtags to Make Your Business Go Viral

Instagram hashtags

With more than one billion users on the platform, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. It presents a great opportunity for people to connect with other. Similarly, the popularity of Instagram also provides a great opportunity for businesses to reach out to their audience. For sellers trying to make the most of Instagram, one of the biggest elements to leverage is Instagram hashtags.

Instagram hashtags are one of the most powerful tools that can give businesses instant access to customers and opportunities. Statistics suggest that as many as five million people from all over the world use the platform on a daily basis. And these numbers are only growing. If you look at the trends from the past few years, you will find that the number of users on the platform have grown up to 10 times. Be it the attractive features of the platform or the fear of missing out,  people are drawn to using the platform for a variety of purposes. 

For a business there couldn’t have been a better opportunity. Your customers are there, looking for the products on the platform. All you have to do is establish your presence and cater to their needs. More precisely, leverage the platform’s features like Instagram tags to get your business out there. 

While Instagram hashtags are an excellent way to connect and find your potential buyer, you must have a strategy in place. You can’t just go around using any hashtag, because it seems enticing. Instead, do your research, understand your industry and then look for hashtags that fit into your needs just perfectly. 

Looking for the right hashtags for your industry can be a tough challenge. However, we’ve gone ahead and brought together all the information for you. So, just dive in and get started!

What are Instagram Hashtags?

Hashtags is a buzzword in social media. You must have heard about it while using platforms like Facebook, Twitter or everyone’s favourite Instagram. Basically, hashtag is nothing more than a clickable label that people use to connect with each other on social media. It makes content easier to find on these platforms.

Instagram hashtags are followed by a ‘hash’ symbol and the word or phrase without any spaced in between. These words or phrases can be anything depending on what you’re trying to create a buzz around. For example, if you are posting pictures of food, you might want to connect with people doing the same. Therefore, one of the easiest ways to do so is to create a hashtag food #food, and add it to your post. And this was just an example. If you’ve ever used social media you’d know that #food is already a popular hashtag on the platform. 

In other words, most of the basic hashtags related to an industry already exist and there are thousands of people connecting through it. 

One of the biggest properties of Instagram hashtags is that they are clickable. So, once you add a hashtag to your post, people can click on it to view other posts having the same hashtag. While hashtags are popular on several platforms, Instagram has special significance to it. And we’ll come to know about this in the next section. 

Why Do People Use Instagram Hashtags?

Now that you know what hashtags are, you must be wondering why people use it. One thing is sure, people want to find more content in what they are interested in. So, if someone is interested in photography, they will want to see more photographers or follow more photographers. 

So, when they click on the hashtag #photography, they are likely to find more content in related to what they were looking for. In other words, Instagram makes everything more discoverable. Imagine what happens if you are selling cameras and start putting this hashtag in your posts. There is a strong likelihood that customers searching for content under photography would want to buy cameras. So, when they find your brand and products under this hashtag, they might take interest and explore more. 

Therefore, the right hashtags can get you in front of your audience. Take a look at popular brands for influencers on Instagram. You will see that they use hashtags related to their field. Not only does this help them earn a lot of followers but also, get more people interested in their brand. 

At this point, it is likely that you might think about placing a large number of hashtags in your posts. While you should definitely put the relevant ones from your niche, avoid too many of these. Not only does it appear spam but demonstrates the lack of understanding where you want to highlight your business. 

instagram hashtags

Where to Add Instagram Hashtags?

You can add Instagram hashtags at several places. It depends on the features that you’re leveraging for your business. For example, if you are creating stories on Instagram, you can add Instagram hashtags there. Similarly, there are other ways. Take a look below-

  • Profile Bio: Profile bio is a great place to start. Every profile on Instagram must have a short bio that lets people know about it. Using hashtags can be an effective strategy at this palace. This can help the audience who are looking for hashtags in the profile search section to find you easily.
  • Posts: No doubt, posts are the best way to leverage Instagram hashtags. Whether you’re posting a video or a picture, you can add hashtags to them. This will increase your visibility to the audience in your niche. People often click on hashtags they find interesting. This makes your content likely to be visible.
  • Stories, Reels, IGTV: if you are leveraging stories, reels, IGTV or other features of Instagram, you can leverage Instagram hashtags there. Just like posts, hashtags make these attractive content pieces discoverable too.

How to Make the Most of Your Instagram Hashtags?

While you might be interested in knowing the top hashtags in your industry, you must begin by understanding how to leverage them effectively. There is no point in keeping on adding hashtags if you don’t know the tricks of acing them. Most people in spite of using the best hashtags, fail to garner the engagement on their posts. To be sure that you don’t end up making the same mistakes, take a look below-

Decide the Frequency of Your Posts and Stick to It

Most ecommerce sellers start using Instagram hashtags and get instant followers. But, as quickly as they get these new followers, they also start losing the momentum. This happens because they don’t post as frequently as they should. Usually, you must keep the frequency of your posts high, if you want to ace a platform like Instagram.

This is because people are always looking for new and fresh content. So, if you are posting just once a week and your competitor is posting every alternate day, their chances of success are obviously higher. Customers once interested in your  brand, will love to watch your posts regularly. Make sure you cater to their needs.

Engage with Your Audience

The best thing you can do on Instagram is to engage with your audience. Use the popular hashtags from your industry and post content that is more eye catching. For example, reels and videos are more appealing to the audience than static photographs. 

There are chances that you might be following certain people or hashtags on the platform. Make sure to engage with the posts. Similarly, when people comment or like your post, acknowledge them by replying quickly. This helps establish yourself as trustworthy and reliable. 

Focus on the Post Quality

Make sure that you create high quality posts for your customers. Never in the rush of posting more, post anything. Remember that since hashtags are free and easy to leverage, every brand out there is rushing for it. If you want to stand out, you will have to separate yourself from the crowd. A qualitative post is a good way to do that. 

Keep a Track on Your Progress

While you might be using Instagram hashtags incessantly, you also need to keep a check on your progress. This is to understand which of your hashtags have worked in your favour, while which have not. One way to do this is to start looking at analytics on Instagram. Instagram analytics lets you see the post engagement you are garnering based on likes, impressions and views. 

So, if you have started using new hashtags in the last posts and saw a jump in your followers, you’re probably on the right track. On the other hand, if you are not receiving the desirable result, you need to push a little more. The only trick is to keep on monitoring. 


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Instagram hashtags can be an excellent opportunity for your ecommerce business. They can make you discoverable and bring your audience to you without any investment! All you need to do is to use them strategically and monitor your performance. While you produce great content, make sure that your actual inventory and order fulfillment is also up to the mark. Because if it’s not, there is nothing that travels faster than word of mouth reputation. Partner with a reliable logistics platform like Dash101 Logistics that can help you fulfill your orders like a pro at the lowest costs. 


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