Batch Picking – 4 Ways On How It Works In eCommerce

Batch Picking

Nowadays warehouse managers have a handful of options available when it comes to ordering picking. They can choose the one that fits their fulfillment needs the best. Efficient users combine prevalent picking trends and. Batch-picking is not the most technologically advanced order picking option, but it is the most reliable and practical one.

What is Batch Picking?

Batch picking is an order picking approach wherein multiple orders are combined into smaller batches- ranging from 10 to 20 orders. The pickers dill in all the orders in a specific batch at the same time. It is also referred to as multiple order picking. This method complies with orders with the help of Stock keeping units (SKU). They are split before the packaging procedure.

How Does Batch Picking Work?

The important thing to remember about batch picking is that it allows pickers to pick multiple items from multiple orders at the same time. If done correctly, it optimizes efficiency. Due to this, pickers can also have more definite routes throughout the warehouse, without the need to trace back and forth through the aisles. The following are the steps of batch picking:

Generate a packing list

A picking list is a self-explanatory list that tells puckers which items need to be delivered. The list contains information like SKUs, inventory storage location, quantity, etc.

Group orders

The warehouse management system helps you to group all the orders that contain the same exact items in a single batch. 

Hand over to a picker

Batch pick lists can be generated for each picker to retrieve items in the most efficient way possible. If this is being manual, you may need to create the recommended route for each picker.

Pick items is a specific order

Each picker must religiously follow the sequence of the items in the picking and optimize the route to avoid taking unnecessary steps. 

Benefits of Batch Picking

Batch picking is directly related to more efficient and faster order fulfillment. let’s see how.

  • Reduced travel time in and about the warehouse:

The very definition of a warehouse is- a huge building that stores inventory. Batch packing tackles the problem of the unnecessary hours spent traveling on the warehouse floors trying to pick items. It helps you to decide a structured path, so you can procure the items required in one go instead of making multiple trips in and around the warehouse.

  • Faster picking rates

The pace of order fulfillment is a deciding factor for the success of your warehouse operation. With this, your employees will not have to move around the warehouse for a long time, which will result in faster order fulfillment.   

If you’re running a warehouse for your e-commerce business, batch picking is something that you have to put into practice. The reduced time between picking and processing reduces the average time of the fulfillment of an order. Ultimately, you have a lot to gain from this and so do your customers. You fulfill your orders fasters, and they get their deliveries sooner than expected.